Healthy Numbers From Arkansas Hospitals

105 Licensed Hospitals are located across the state of Arkansas. This includes 73 general acute care community hospitals, nine long term acute care hospitals, eight psychiatric hospitals, seven rehabilitation hospitals, three surgical hospitals, two Veterans Affairs hospitals, as well as a pediatric hospital, a cardiac hospital and a women’s hospital.

42,500 Arkansans are Employed By Hospitals across the state, which have a combined annual payroll of $1.7 billion that helps to support about 7.7% of all non-farm jobs in the state through direct and indirect purchases of goods and services.

$9.6 Billion estimated overall economic impact that Arkansas hospitals provided for the state in 2008, based on direct spending on goods, services, their impact on other businesses throughout the economy, jobs and employees’ spending.

14,315 Arkansans each day sought care at an Arkansas hospital in 2009 for illness, injury and other conditions requiring medical attention.

38,556 Newborns were delivered in Arkansas hospitals in 2009. The Arkansas Medicaid program covered more than 60% of them.

My Reason

“All who work within the walls of Arkansas hospitals have one purpose - to make the lives of Arkansans better.”

Larry Morse, Administrator
Johnson Regional Medical Center, Clarksville

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